Shadowrun: Kings or Pawns

The Day Job

As told by Stitch

Neural Log March 22, 2072
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The Day Job

Mr. Johnson worked fast. He had already used the backdoor we installed to set up fake identities for us Runners and land us temporary jobs working at Nature Taste. The run he offered was to use those day jobs to alter the marketing data of the company’s new line of chewy gummy bars … or something like that. We had to alter the data so the chocolate chip curry bars we’re the favorite. Funny, chocolate curry didn’t sound that bad to me. The pay-out was 5k a pop, and we get the identities and the extra clothes and comlinks used to make the identities stick. That made me happy, and apparently Blue and Grey too as they piped up about how good the deal was, to which d’Arc would later admonish them in what I shall file as the “Duct Tape Incident.”

The next day we met an Elf in the swanky part of town. Angel, I believe her name was. She was all business, and set about getting the crew dressed and prepped for our jobs, handing over our commlinks and buying us clothes. We then went back to the Body Mall and had the weekend to prep for the job. D’arc disappeared into one of my consultation rooms for a while, she was still in there when I was done installing Grey’s new commlink.

The plan was to keep our first day pretty vanilla. Learn what we can and can’t do, where we can and can’t go, things like that, and that’s how it went. I worked the mail room, where we unload the truck in the morning, deliver the mail, then collect outgoing towards the end of the day. Tyrone was mopping bathrooms most of the day, he blew up about it later on that night. Grey worked maintenance and spent his day solving tickets, changing lightbulbs and the like. D’arc had the most access of us all, she was assistant to the VP of marketing and had access to his calendar and … like, corporate stuff. It sounded important when she was telling us about it later. She’s my in-character wife so I think I’ll play the part of the cucked third member of the office love triangle, and sent her a text in the day that she ignored. Gotta tell a story y’know? Makes the story stick.

Blue worked marketing, assessing schlubs as they chomped down on corporate chew bars or whatever. She thought it was boring as hell, but at the end of the day she had to slot her commlink to the market research database! That seemed like our in, and she had to do the same thing wednesday and friday. After worked we chewed over some courses of action, and took measures so our RFID trackable badges behaved like normal temp wage slaves did.

The next day, d’Arc, Blue and Grey made moves to get the access ID of someone with Database access, or was it Matrix ID? Fuck. I’ll dog-ear this entry and edit it later. D’Arc checked the employee database, Blue made some wireless communications with the mark, her supervisor, and Grey sniffed out the matrix ID successfully.

The second day ended with with everyone’s identities and jobs intact. The current plan is to make an attempt on the database tomorrow, either with spoofing access to the floor or through Blue’s own uploading of the data. If this fails, Friday will be our second attempt using some program d’Arc has.



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