Size: 570 square kilometers
Population: 375,000
Human: 71%
Elf: 11%
Dwarf: 1%
Ork: 15%
Troll: 1%
Other: 1%
Population Density: 658 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: 59,000
Corporate-Affiliated Population: 89%
Hospitals and Clinics: 6
Voting Precincts: 8
Less Than 12 Years: 25%
High School Equivalency: 48%
College Equivalency: 21%
Advanced Degrees and Certificates: 6%

The southern neighbor to Downtown, Tacoma was blue-collar to Seattle’s white color, a town of industry and a particular odor due to the Brichert Paper Mills and the Federated-Boeing Metalworks. Stricter emissions-control standards has reduced the smell a great deal, but the term “Tacoma Aroma” is still used as an expression of distaste among Seattleites, especially those from Downtown. Tacoma saw a great deal of the violence in Seattle during The Night of Rage. In the basement of the Bickson Building on East 11th Street stands The Crying Wall a monument to those lost. Tacoma is also home to Shiawase Corporation‘s Seattle branch, twin towers of steel and mirrored glass. Kapital is a fairly new nightclub not far from Fife. If you have car problems, Polzin’s Body Shop can get you back on the road. You can also “enjoy” a glass of sythahol whilest betting you won’t go blind at Snarky’s Tavern

Neighborhoods -
Des Moines: Lower Middle Class (B Rating)
Zenith: Luxury Class (AAA Rating)
Kent: Lower Middle Class (B Rating)
Federal Way: Upper Class (AA Rating)
Northeast Tacoma: Lower Class (C Rating)
South Tacoma: Lower Class (C Rating)
Ruston: Luxury Class (AAA Rating)
Fircrest: Middle Class (A Rating)
University Place: Luxury Class (AAA Rating)
Fife: Lower Class (C Rating)
Milton: Lower Class (C Rating)
Menio Park: Upper Class (AA Rating)
Stellacoom: Upper Class (AA Rating)
Lakewood Center: Middle Class (A Rating)
Dupont: Upper Class (AA Rating)

Russian Blue lives in the Vory controlled area of Northeast Tacoma, by some of the docks.


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