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  • People

    People of note: PC's [[:grey | Grey]] [[:joan-d-arc | Joan D'Arc]] [[:lorenzo | Lorenzo]] [[:russian-blue | Russian Blue]] [[:tyrone-tockson | Tyrone Tockson]] NPC's: [[Johnson's | Johnson's]] [[Fixers | Fixers]] [[Contacts | Contacts]] [[ …

  • Johnson's

    The ubiquitous Mr. Johnson. This is the street term for the person who hires runners. [[:mr-johnson-1 | Mr. Johnson 1]]

  • Fixers

    Fixer's are the one's you turn to to help you find or sell things or information.

  • Other People

    Other people of note in the campaign: [[:kaho-bak | Kaho Bak]] - News reporter

  • Freddy the Fixer

    Freddy is a low level fixer. With his contacts, he is able to find low-level, low paying jobs. But he is trying to expand his influence and find a way into the big time. He has not been heard from in about 3 weeks.

  • Betaware Bonnie

    Appearing to be a beautiful elven woman, Beta Bonnie is the picture of professional perfection. Her clinic is as clean and shiney as a delta-clinic and she boasts a laundry list of professional licenses, so many in fact a discerning customer might …

  • Dr. Elmer

    Owner of Dr. Elmer's Mega-Implants Super Store. Despite his cheap sounding storefront, Dr. Elmer is the real deal. A disgraced surgeon with criminal ties turned street doc, he sells some of the best, high grade cyberware in the mall. He has a wide …

  • Toast

    Toast runs Hardwired. Hardwired is a shop specializing in headware, installed commlinks with accessories, and hacking defense consulting. Toast himself is an average hacker that relies on his cyberware to up his game.

  • Neko-Chan

    The girlfriend of [[:toast | Toast]], Neko-Chan has a small pirated trid kiosk in his store, and looks more like an anime girl than a real person, due to augmented reality makeup giving her an animated cell look and some cosmetic modifications, most …

  • Double J

    Runs Custom Fabs. The orkish head of Custom Fabs, they operate an onsite fabrication shop that is frequented by other shop owners than off the street customers. When [[:lorenzo | Lorenzo]] needs his designs physically made and can’t make it work with his …

  • Panzer

    Owner of Sgt. Panzer's Cheap and Reliable Drone Outpost. The dwarven Panzer gears his store to drones and the cyberware to rig them. He is always seen in a set of combat fatigues with various medals pinned to his chest. His shop looks like a junkyard, …

  • Dr. Fu

    This Chinese Dwarf is less a doctor and more of a Chinese grocer. He practices traditional Chinese medicine, prescribing herbal remedies and performing accupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese Massage). His practice is especially effective on the Awakened, who …

  • Dr. Harrison Seever

    Runs Seever General Practice. Dr. Seever is a general practioner of medicine with an actual doctorate. He has been treating the people of Glow City for cancer and radiation sickness.

  • The Stork

    Runs Fine Obstetrics. Dr. Peter Fineman is only referred to as “The Stork.” He is a Changeling with a beak and birdlike features. He has specialized in Obstetrics and splits his time between caring for pregnant women at the Body Mall and driving around …

  • Manny

    Manny is a troll who’s life was saved by a doctor at the Body Mall. Now he and his gang spend their time around the Body Mall providing security and handling patients who get difficult.

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