Cybertechnician and Street Sam


Lorenzo is extensively cybered, and dresses to accentuate it. His arms and torso are obviously cyberware and customized, sporting a glossyblack finish to a design that is meant to evoke a vaguely biological look, armored plates shaped and textured similar to muscles. They are backlit with bright, neon colors that cycle through a spectrum. His eyes are black glass, like a doll’s eyes with a ring of light representing his iris. His fiber-optic hair is styled in a deathhawk, and along with his eyes, share the same color cycling as his cyberware. His datajack is on the right side of his shaved head, the various chip-jacks circling his ear. His neck bares a tattoo of a cartoon skull grinning whilst clenching a cleaver in its teeth.

Enclosed image is Lorenzo prior to his extensive modifications.

Lorenzo can be found at his home/shop at The Body Mall in Redmond.



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