Shadowrun: Kings or Pawns

The Day Job - Supplemental

What the Fuck?

Fucking Shadowrunners man, what the fuck.

Ok, so its fucking wednesday right? I take the guns to our contact to smuggle them in, because we’re on Aztechnology’s turf and if we slot the run, we don’t want to be without our irons, right? We got the whole fucking plan laid out like we’re fucking pros and everything, right? I get the guns in, distribute to our runners, Toxie closes the bathroom that Grey goes VR in, Blue slots the commlink in, we’re fucking sitting pretty. Simple creds man.

But then, this fucking exec from AssTech shows up, pushing our timeline back a bit as the whole fucking corp collectively shits their pants over this asshole. I mean, I deliver the mail and we gotta sit downstairs while this wagelord walks around his plantation. I mean, what the fuck he knows that the mail gets delivered right? Is he gonna see me handing out packages and go, “Oh, what the fuck I didn’t know you assholes got fucking MAIL here. Fuck you! You’re all fired you mail loving fucks!” So, anyway, I don’t like this guy.

Evidently I wasn’t the only one because a fucking RUN gets ran on the corp in the middle of the goddam day, trying to kill this guy I assume. I’m not sure if they succeeded or not, but they probably failed because their balls were too goddam big to fit in the elevator. I mean, I don’t have any real intel about it or anything, but I’m assuming since this exec visit was a surprise, these Runners got the call like, this fucking morning, “Hey, I want you guys to assault this Double A corp in a couple hours and kill this fucking suit stain.”

So, the office goes on lockdown for hours as Runners shoot the place up. They called in attack choppers an everything. Not fucking drones, they went fucking Air Wolf up in that shit. Meanwhile, most of us are down on the bottom floor with our cocks in our glocks because we can’t do anything without risking blowing our cover, and also, we don’t even know what the fuck we would do, IF we could do anything.

Hindsight is 20/20, right? We did the job eventually, but at the time I’m sitting in the fucking mail room on a more than one piece of lethal hardware, praying this team isn’t here to blow up the fucking 13th floor or worse, chew through my fake wife with a machine gun because she was standing within 15 meters of the wrong Executive.

But, everyone behaved, kept their heads down, played it cool and professional, and after a room by room sweep they slotted the data late in the day and got the job done. We then got paid at the usual spot by the usual Johnson. D’arc threw some shade at the Johnson, I think she suspected he may have hired the other team. I’m fairly certain he didn’t… only because I think someone hired him to hire us. He’s just another cog on the wheel on this one. But then again, what do I know, this is was my first non-street level run so it ain’t like I’m an expert or something.



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