Shadowrun: Kings or Pawns

Tyrone was contacted by his Bouncer boss, Frank. Seems Frank heard there is a Johnson looking for some talent for a job and if Tyrone can put together some matrix talent and a magician, he might be able to pick up the contract, netting Frank a finders fee. Tyrone reached out to the Street Shaman Russian Blue and the Cybertechnician Lorenzo. Lorenzo reached out to the hacker team of Gray and d’Arc. A giant conference call followed and the group agreed to the meet. Frank told them to meet with Mr. Johnson at the Aztlan restaurant Guerrerro’s. The runners arrived to discover Mr. Johnson had reservered the private room. After ordering a large amount of food on Mr. Johnson’s tab, Johnson got down to business. He had a milk run that was important for a second possible run. After negotiating the price, Mr. Johnson filled them in on the details. They needed to get to the employment database of Aguilar Staffing, but it sits behind a glacier of IC. However, there was a work around, as each office had a terminal with a direct connect to the database, but the terminal was wired only. They needed to wait for an employee to connect to the terminal to upload new information to the database, then hack their way in and implant a back door to the database. Mr. Johnson recommended the Aguilar Staffing office at Renton Mall. With everything nailed down, Mr. Johnson left. After the meal, the runners discussed logistics. They met at Renton mall the following day to discover that the officers guarding the mall decided to take the day off due to the revelation that they were about to be unemployed. The runners then proceeded to case the place and pretend to shop the rest of the day. While casing the place, Lorenzo and Gray heard a commotion at the next door “A Whole New You” Body Shop. They entered the shop to discover a patient seizing and then dying on the table. Figuring it was none of their business and there was nothing they could do, they headed down to Ho Li’s Day Spa to get massages. There Gray was yelled at by an old asian woman named Ms. Han, then hacked into the manager’s commlink up at Aguilar Staffing while getting his massage, and waited for him to connect to the terminal. Near the end of the business day, the manager connected the commlink to the terminal and Gray got to work. Meanwhile, Joan D’Arc headed into the office to distract the manager if necessary. Gray sliced neatly through the IC and implanted the backdoor, but before the runners could bug out, they noticed two gangs, the Green River Killers and a gang they did not recognize, converging on the middle of the mall. The gangers pulled out handguns on each other. Tyrone charged at one of the Green River Killers and slammed his fist into the ganger’s chest, knocking the ganger to the floor and getting the runners involved in the gang fight. After a brief firefight, where Gray managed to put down two of the gangers before being substantially wounded, the gangers turned tail and fled and the runners headed out. With Gray bleeding everywhere and D’Arc yelling at everyone for getting involved, they headed off to The Body Mall in the Redmond Barrens. Once at Lorenzo’s shop, Lorenzo saw to Gray’s wounds and the runners took a day to rest up. Tyrone called Mr. Johnson and they headed back to Guerrerro’s the next day, where Mr. Johnson paid them each 1,300¥ and told them he had another run for them.



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