Shadowrun: Kings or Pawns

Ancient Dead

Neural log
Plain Text Format

So, no shit, there we were about to kick the door in on the Ancients.

Now, I’ve been on similar runs before but I’m not going to act like they were anywhere in the same league as moving on a crew like the Ancients. I mean, I can’t really even name a gang that is better connected and outfitted than those tough little fairies. Most times I run on little local pissant gangs that get in the way of the bigger gangs out in the Barrens. But this shit was some high level mil-spec kinda action.

We were hired to geek some troll go gangers and drop their remains in another location. The trolls were the easy part, thanks to Darc/Grey getting their commlinks sorted. We cut them up before they even got off their bikes, it was sick.

Now, for the hard part, clearing a Ancient safehouse. We had a plan, one that was remarkably similar to the one I tried to pitch to Tox and Blue earlier in the week. We had split while the hackers were hacking, see, so we could make like a battle plan. And I hittem with the ole fucking tactical-like talk, ‘bout having people on both sides and shit like that, but I got the impression they weren’t really feeling it, so I just suggested we put some spirits in the back and just fucking go balls deep in the front door, and they thought that was a bang up idea so, fuck it. But, in the hours we had to kill before the second part of the Run she put some more polish on the plan, which I was cool with. I think she’s got a better way with words than I do.

Anyway the plan was to shine a light on the front porch and then start killing people.

Which we did, to great success. One thing I always harp on when someone is tricking out their cybereyes is flare compensation. It’s pretty cheap but most dinks in the shop say “I don’t need to worry about flare comp when I got infra.” Yeah, that’s true when YOU’RE the one that’s got the heads up about a flash going off, but when someone flashes you out of the blue you got a precious few micro-seconds to react and switch over. And thats the few ticks where we took them out, I hosing down one of the Dandys while Blue shocked another, and Tox ran cross the lawn, checked one out with his sword, ran over and punched another before picking his sword back up and then just fucking battering the front door in with what I can only assume is his chrome nutsack.

He was all dorphed up on Kamikaze so he just went in when I was out of position. Was planning on hosing down the living room while everyone went in, Tox, Blue, and the Drone but I was switching off our lightshow. By the time I got to the porch, the house was filled with people shooting Tox, 3 or 4 of them and Tox was getting shot up. He hit the ground at one point, I thought he was geeked but them he just popped right up and started swinging. And then a god damn bear showed up.

Man, I got a weird job.

Blue screamed out for the bear to get shot so I hosed it down for a second, but it really didn’t seem to mind. I was a bit disappointed, it didn’t even seem to get pissed at me. So I switched over to firing on the Dandi-eaters, squeezing off a few bursts as Tox opened them up, screaming about Pixie Dicks or something. He was really murderizing these guys, I feel bad for them looking back because I’ve been in that situation before, when you shoot a fucking juiced up troll thats pissed as hell and it just doesn’t fucking care, what the fuck do you do then? The whole point of having a gun is to shoot people that want to kill you, but when that just doesn’t fucking work, what the fuck are you left with?

Toxie was good, but I wasn’t impressed until he just shredded the giant glowing bear in the living room. After that he bolted up the stairs along with Blue, who had been firing lighting in the room over.

Now, upstairs I didn’t know what was going on. Now, I wasn’t clueless, my sound filter makes it pretty easy to keep track of a battle. Gunshots just sound like really sharp, brief pops, loud enough for me not overlook them but I can still hear talking and other sounds clearly. That being said, even with a sound filter enough layered sounds and it just gets confusing BUT I knew there were people shooting upstairs. The Drone went up top, since the mage was up there somewhere and you can’t really manaball a tin can.

This was where I wish I had that radar sensor I ordered. It would be so easy with it. I’d just fucking know, y’know. I wouldn’t have to take a precious second to figure things out I’d just look through the walls like I was superman. Instead though, I threw a flashbang upstairs, blindly, hoping it did more harm to the Ancients than my own people. After that I went in up the stairs myself to clean up.

Things got quiet when I stepped into the house. Well, relatively quiet, like I said sound filter. Still some fighting going on in the house, but the constant growling of Tox’s dorph-fuel haze had stopped and Blue, wherever she was, was quiet. I shouted after her as I stepped over the drone, and as I cleared the first little landing on my way up the guy watching the stairs started shooting. I saw him right before he fired and I lunged forward, his first burst hitting behind me as he tracked. My lurch sent me right into the corner though, and I didn’t have anywhere else to dodge as he squeezed off his second burst and three little hornet sized sledgehammers struck across my chest.

I rose my supermach and hosed down the stairway guy as I climbed the stairs. He hit the ground as I assessed the situation. Tox was finally laid out in front of this guy, it looked like he charged straight at him and swung at him, but that big ass sword got caught in the door jam. Still haven’t seen the mage, though I heard from the room beyond the gun-elf the sounds off, well, it sounded like an inner city street gang trying to tame a lion. All fucking lion rawrs and gang banger cheers.. Our spirits from the sound of it.
Blue brushed past me in a sprint, and ran into room. The room filled with snarls and what not. And then, through my sound filter, I heard the distinct sound of a skin on skin smack. Did she just run into the room and SLAP someone?

By the time I turned the corner, the mage was recoiling from, well, what I guess is the shock that after all this she just got slapped in the face. But I had a clear shot so I hosed her off.

After that, things get kinda blurred together. That’s cram for you though, it’s crystal clear when you’re in a firefight but when you got to do stuff that, y’know, requires actual thinking than details start to go missing. We loaded Tox up and unloaded our cargo, Blue stomped some guys face in, found a few crates of guns and some drug that I didn’t really recognize probably because I was crammed up and trying to get out of the house before backup arrived. We loaded them all up, hoping we could sell it to the Vory. We don’t really have an option other than them, if I Ancient’s warehouse gets hit and large shipment of guns go wandering off, we can’t exactly go down to the pawn shop to offload them. We’d be on ice within the week.

The Day Job - Supplemental
What the Fuck?

Fucking Shadowrunners man, what the fuck.

Ok, so its fucking wednesday right? I take the guns to our contact to smuggle them in, because we’re on Aztechnology’s turf and if we slot the run, we don’t want to be without our irons, right? We got the whole fucking plan laid out like we’re fucking pros and everything, right? I get the guns in, distribute to our runners, Toxie closes the bathroom that Grey goes VR in, Blue slots the commlink in, we’re fucking sitting pretty. Simple creds man.

But then, this fucking exec from AssTech shows up, pushing our timeline back a bit as the whole fucking corp collectively shits their pants over this asshole. I mean, I deliver the mail and we gotta sit downstairs while this wagelord walks around his plantation. I mean, what the fuck he knows that the mail gets delivered right? Is he gonna see me handing out packages and go, “Oh, what the fuck I didn’t know you assholes got fucking MAIL here. Fuck you! You’re all fired you mail loving fucks!” So, anyway, I don’t like this guy.

Evidently I wasn’t the only one because a fucking RUN gets ran on the corp in the middle of the goddam day, trying to kill this guy I assume. I’m not sure if they succeeded or not, but they probably failed because their balls were too goddam big to fit in the elevator. I mean, I don’t have any real intel about it or anything, but I’m assuming since this exec visit was a surprise, these Runners got the call like, this fucking morning, “Hey, I want you guys to assault this Double A corp in a couple hours and kill this fucking suit stain.”

So, the office goes on lockdown for hours as Runners shoot the place up. They called in attack choppers an everything. Not fucking drones, they went fucking Air Wolf up in that shit. Meanwhile, most of us are down on the bottom floor with our cocks in our glocks because we can’t do anything without risking blowing our cover, and also, we don’t even know what the fuck we would do, IF we could do anything.

Hindsight is 20/20, right? We did the job eventually, but at the time I’m sitting in the fucking mail room on a more than one piece of lethal hardware, praying this team isn’t here to blow up the fucking 13th floor or worse, chew through my fake wife with a machine gun because she was standing within 15 meters of the wrong Executive.

But, everyone behaved, kept their heads down, played it cool and professional, and after a room by room sweep they slotted the data late in the day and got the job done. We then got paid at the usual spot by the usual Johnson. D’arc threw some shade at the Johnson, I think she suspected he may have hired the other team. I’m fairly certain he didn’t… only because I think someone hired him to hire us. He’s just another cog on the wheel on this one. But then again, what do I know, this is was my first non-street level run so it ain’t like I’m an expert or something.

The Day Job
As told by Stitch

Neural Log March 22, 2072
Text Format

The Day Job

Mr. Johnson worked fast. He had already used the backdoor we installed to set up fake identities for us Runners and land us temporary jobs working at Nature Taste. The run he offered was to use those day jobs to alter the marketing data of the company’s new line of chewy gummy bars … or something like that. We had to alter the data so the chocolate chip curry bars we’re the favorite. Funny, chocolate curry didn’t sound that bad to me. The pay-out was 5k a pop, and we get the identities and the extra clothes and comlinks used to make the identities stick. That made me happy, and apparently Blue and Grey too as they piped up about how good the deal was, to which d’Arc would later admonish them in what I shall file as the “Duct Tape Incident.”

The next day we met an Elf in the swanky part of town. Angel, I believe her name was. She was all business, and set about getting the crew dressed and prepped for our jobs, handing over our commlinks and buying us clothes. We then went back to the Body Mall and had the weekend to prep for the job. D’arc disappeared into one of my consultation rooms for a while, she was still in there when I was done installing Grey’s new commlink.

The plan was to keep our first day pretty vanilla. Learn what we can and can’t do, where we can and can’t go, things like that, and that’s how it went. I worked the mail room, where we unload the truck in the morning, deliver the mail, then collect outgoing towards the end of the day. Tyrone was mopping bathrooms most of the day, he blew up about it later on that night. Grey worked maintenance and spent his day solving tickets, changing lightbulbs and the like. D’arc had the most access of us all, she was assistant to the VP of marketing and had access to his calendar and … like, corporate stuff. It sounded important when she was telling us about it later. She’s my in-character wife so I think I’ll play the part of the cucked third member of the office love triangle, and sent her a text in the day that she ignored. Gotta tell a story y’know? Makes the story stick.

Blue worked marketing, assessing schlubs as they chomped down on corporate chew bars or whatever. She thought it was boring as hell, but at the end of the day she had to slot her commlink to the market research database! That seemed like our in, and she had to do the same thing wednesday and friday. After worked we chewed over some courses of action, and took measures so our RFID trackable badges behaved like normal temp wage slaves did.

The next day, d’Arc, Blue and Grey made moves to get the access ID of someone with Database access, or was it Matrix ID? Fuck. I’ll dog-ear this entry and edit it later. D’Arc checked the employee database, Blue made some wireless communications with the mark, her supervisor, and Grey sniffed out the matrix ID successfully.

The second day ended with with everyone’s identities and jobs intact. The current plan is to make an attempt on the database tomorrow, either with spoofing access to the floor or through Blue’s own uploading of the data. If this fails, Friday will be our second attempt using some program d’Arc has.

Milk Run
Maul at the Mall

Tyrone was contacted by his Bouncer boss, Frank. Seems Frank heard there is a Johnson looking for some talent for a job and if Tyrone can put together some matrix talent and a magician, he might be able to pick up the contract, netting Frank a finders fee. Tyrone reached out to the Street Shaman Russian Blue and the Cybertechnician Lorenzo. Lorenzo reached out to the hacker team of Gray and d’Arc. A giant conference call followed and the group agreed to the meet. Frank told them to meet with Mr. Johnson at the Aztlan restaurant Guerrerro’s. The runners arrived to discover Mr. Johnson had reservered the private room. After ordering a large amount of food on Mr. Johnson’s tab, Johnson got down to business. He had a milk run that was important for a second possible run. After negotiating the price, Mr. Johnson filled them in on the details. They needed to get to the employment database of Aguilar Staffing, but it sits behind a glacier of IC. However, there was a work around, as each office had a terminal with a direct connect to the database, but the terminal was wired only. They needed to wait for an employee to connect to the terminal to upload new information to the database, then hack their way in and implant a back door to the database. Mr. Johnson recommended the Aguilar Staffing office at Renton Mall. With everything nailed down, Mr. Johnson left. After the meal, the runners discussed logistics. They met at Renton mall the following day to discover that the officers guarding the mall decided to take the day off due to the revelation that they were about to be unemployed. The runners then proceeded to case the place and pretend to shop the rest of the day. While casing the place, Lorenzo and Gray heard a commotion at the next door “A Whole New You” Body Shop. They entered the shop to discover a patient seizing and then dying on the table. Figuring it was none of their business and there was nothing they could do, they headed down to Ho Li’s Day Spa to get massages. There Gray was yelled at by an old asian woman named Ms. Han, then hacked into the manager’s commlink up at Aguilar Staffing while getting his massage, and waited for him to connect to the terminal. Near the end of the business day, the manager connected the commlink to the terminal and Gray got to work. Meanwhile, Joan D’Arc headed into the office to distract the manager if necessary. Gray sliced neatly through the IC and implanted the backdoor, but before the runners could bug out, they noticed two gangs, the Green River Killers and a gang they did not recognize, converging on the middle of the mall. The gangers pulled out handguns on each other. Tyrone charged at one of the Green River Killers and slammed his fist into the ganger’s chest, knocking the ganger to the floor and getting the runners involved in the gang fight. After a brief firefight, where Gray managed to put down two of the gangers before being substantially wounded, the gangers turned tail and fled and the runners headed out. With Gray bleeding everywhere and D’Arc yelling at everyone for getting involved, they headed off to The Body Mall in the Redmond Barrens. Once at Lorenzo’s shop, Lorenzo saw to Gray’s wounds and the runners took a day to rest up. Tyrone called Mr. Johnson and they headed back to Guerrerro’s the next day, where Mr. Johnson paid them each 1,300¥ and told them he had another run for them.

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